For the past three years, I taught a Master’s level course on Competitive Strategies Within and Between Platform Markets. In the course, consisting of six lectures and six case-based seminars, I discuss how platforms compete and what competitive dynamics within platforms look like. The reading list for the course is comprised of academic articles in the fields of strategic management, information systems, marketing and economics. Cases were constantly updated and include AirBnb, Spotify, Nintendo, and mobile ‘killer apps’, among others. Master’s (MSc) students interested in this elective came from various study programs, including strategic management, entrepreneurship and business and information management.

Now that I likely won’t be teaching this course in this same format for the foreseeable future (given the change of institutions and the way UCL’s teaching is organized), I decided to share its contents. Below are a download link to a compressed folder (.ZIP) including the course’s syllabus and lecture slides (in PDF), as well as a link to my Slideshare account where the slides can be viewed without having to download.

Enjoy and please contact me in case you have any questions!

Download lecture materials as a compressed folder (.ZIP)

1. Standard wars and competition in technology platforms from Joost Rietveld


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